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FREE DEMO of Hand Painted Elements for Premiere Pro or Final Cut Pro X

Created by Lyss @Lyssielooloo with Hand Painted for FCPX

We’re excited to finally offer a demo of our popular Hand Painted elements pack for both Final Cut Pro and Premiere Pro!

Sometimes all creatives want is a fun project that doesn’t require hours of staring at a screen. Drag and drop these packs into Final Cut or Premiere and let them do all the hard work for you. You focus on being creative, let our packs handle the rest. 

Full versions of Hand Painted for Premiere Pro or Final Cut Pro X.


(All Included in the full version.)


Free Demo Includes 8 Hand Panted Elements

We all have other creatives we look up to. Those who make you think, ‘Wow, how in the world did he make that?’ Or just, ‘Wow! He must really have a lot of time on his hands!’ 

How would you like to be the one that everyone thinks was born on another planet? In this futuristic day and age, we present to you a tool that is destined to impress. A paint set that does all the painting for you.

  • Drag & Drop

  • Customize Color, Size and Rotation

  • Fast Rendering

  • No Plugins Required

  • Premiere Pro or Final Cut Pro X

  • Video Tutorials Included

drag n drop simple.gif

Elements Pack 1 - first 8 elements included free

Element Pack 1_Darker.gif

Elements Pack 2 - Only included in full version

Hand Painted Trailer 50_6.gif

Import. Customize. Done.

Technical Requirements:

    For Final Cut Pro Version:
  • Recent version of Final Cut Pro X
  • A copy of Apple Motion installed (Does not need to be running)

  • For Premiere Pro Version:
  • Adobe Premiere Pro 2017+
  • At least a trial version of After Effects installed. (Does not need to be active or running.)

What’s Included:

  • 8 Free Elements pack for Final Cut Pro X
  • 8 Free Elements pack for Premiere Pro
  • Video Tutorials for each
This product falls under the Creative Commons CC BY-NC-SA 4.0 license.

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