Why Smashworks is a Great Tool for Teachers to Add to Their Arsenal

Staying current is half the battle for being a creative teacher - here’s how to do it


The young creatives of today have grown up with the Internet, and its countless resources, as an ever-present entity in their lives. Need a fact? Google it. Want to meet someone? Find them on social media. Want to learn a skill? YouTube it.

It’s this last example that can prove challenging for educators across the creative spectrum. With so much knowledge at their fingertips, how do you dispel the myth that students in creative fields don’t need a formal education, because they can just learn their trade on YouTube?

One way is to provide them with the latest, and easiest to use creative tools. Enter: Smashworks. Created by a young team of creatives themselves, Smashworks was born out of the necessity to streamline creation, and to share the ability with fellow creatives.

We create tools that keep production quality high, while minimizing time spent staring at a screen. Hand Painted, our inaugural product, was born out of thousands of hours of development, and creates visually pleasing, elevated aesthetics. Drag and drop, customize, choose an animation and you’re done. No plugins required. Take both your video titles and elements to the next level.

If something sounds too good to be true, it usually is. And while it’s true that Smashworks can save you hundreds of hours of work, while keeping quality high, it can’t replace the imagination or creativity that it takes to be a creative. Adding our tools to your curriculum will enhance your abilities to connect with your students, and encourage their fledgling creative spirit.

Check out Hand Painted, and our other tools, here.